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Hello, I have a vexing problem
with my .22 Diamondback. When cocked
slowly in single action,the cylinder
does not align with the barrel and lead
is shaved from the bullet and exits the
side of the gap between cylinder and barrel.

Will replacing the hand fix this problem?
I cannot find a replacement ejector anywhere.

Many, many thanks!

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Depending on the actual problem, it's very possible a pistolsmith qualified to work on Colt's may be able to stretch and refit the hand.

Failing to fully lock up like this is THE most common Colt timing problem.

The danger here, is that the Colt action is NOT easy to work on, and any attempts to repair it by unqualified people will almost always cause far more trouble.

For this reason, I strongly recommend sending the gun in to either the Colt factory, or to:

Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 766-6100

Either can repair your Colt and put it back in 100% condition, AND will do it right the first time.

Again, I warn against local gunsmiths or trying this one yourself.
Stretching and refitting the hand is NOT done in the way you might think, and doing it wrong destroys the hand.

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Ahhh-- Many thanks.
I believe I will
send the pistol to the addy listed.
This has been a favorite handgun of mine
since I bought it in the 70's and I would
love for it to be back in pristine shooting shape.

I know, I know, I should put it a drawer,but
I cannot resist the joy it gives at the range.
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