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Diamondback Grips

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Does anyone have a photo of what the original factory grips for a '67 vintage, that they can share? I'm trying to identify a pair and can't locate a photo.
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The 2 1/2" barrel models used the narrow "Service" type grips. The 4" and 6" used Target grips.
In those days the medallions would have been Silver. At the time, only the Python got Gold.
Later, Gold medallions began being used on all Colt's.

Here the "correct" type of Target grips for an early Diamondback.
Note the semi-circular checkering border under the medallions:

Here's the later type. These have a straight checkering border under the medallions.
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Thanks Dfaris as this helps. Does the color of the wood matter? Like being darker or lighter? The grips have the silver medallions.
Thanks again,
Thanks Dfaris as this helps. Does the color of the wood matter? Like being darker or lighter? The grips have the silver medallions.
Thanks again,
I dont think so.. They can be from a almost a chocolate brown. Some will have better wood grain than others.
As just a general rule of thumb, the earlier the Colt grips, the darker the wood and the more figure.
You would see lighter, lesser figure Colt grips during any period, but in the later 1980's-early 1990's they really started getting lighter and will less figure.
Here's a '78 with probably close to the end of the "smiley contour under medallion" type of stocks before the straight angled line between checkering and smooth on the stocks. The color is clearly lighter than stocks from years prior.

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Here is mine. Smiley with darker wood and silver medallions original to the gun AFAIK. The extra pair are straight lines,,with gold..and a they are more honey. Gun is from

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Thanks to all that replied.
To dfariswheel since I cannot email you can you please comment on the differences of these 1979 DB grips, Thanks

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I think I commented on these somewhere else.

The grips on the lower gun appear to have a nickel plated screw, which is wrong for a blued gun.
They do have the lighter, rather orange-blond color of later model grips.

BOTH grips appear to have just about zero grain figure, and I'm not certain these are in fact genuine Colt. Even in the later days, Colt grips were American Walnut and had a least some typical walnut grain, if not any figure.
I'd want to see these in person before making definite statements, but I'm wondering if these are Colt factory.
From the pictures, both appear to have that very non-grain look of a hardwood with a stain-finish over it.

"Usually" fake Colt grips have brass screws and screw bushings, usually on both sides, and genuine Colt have blued or nickel steel screws with a steel bushing only on the right grip.

In short, I'm just not sure about these.
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Concerning Diamondback Grips------I need a set of the earlier type as my Diamondback was made in the mid 70's. Does anyone know of a source for these? And does anyone make a reproduction of the original grip?

I hope this is not hijacking the original thread as it concerned Diamondback grips.
You sometimes find original Colt grips on Ebay, the gun auctions, and by posting a wanted ad on this forums Classified section.
You might have the best luck here.

For replica grips, no one I know of makes an even half way presentable replica.
There are the grips coming out of Asia, but they don't look very close.

Here's one set of replicas sold on Ebay. Sort of cheesy:

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Thanks for the reply. I had seen some of the asia grips you provided a picture of and agree that they don't look very good. I'll keep looking per your recommendations.
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