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Diamondback purchase questions needing help

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I purchased this pistol back in the spring. Didn't look too close because condition was so good. A couple of days ago took it out of the safe to take some pictures. When I removed the grips/stocks I found some paper was used for spacers. Without the paper spacers they don't fit tight. There is a little wiggle room. Hoping one of my fellow Colt Forum can help me!! Are these correct for this pistol? Are they aftermarket? HELP!!! Also took pictures of the box. Had trouble loading pictures so I am leaving a link.
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Thanks for your help
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Those are the correct grips.
They're the First Type Diamondback grips, which is identified by the curved checkering border under the medallions, and by the silver medallions.
Later Second Type Diamondback grips had a slanted straight line checkering border under the medallions, and in later days, the medallions were gold.

Slightly loose Colt grips are not unusual, and can be caused by replacement grips that weren't installed at Colt, or simply use.
Tightening them can be as simple as snugging the screw down a little more, or by using 5 minute epoxy glue to tighten the fit.

If the grips have the early type aluminum disks inside the grip that fit over the frame pin you may need to use the epoxy at the top of the grips where they fit the curved cut of the frame.
Later grips simply have holes in the bottom of the grips that fit the frame pin.
On these you can put a dab of 5 minute epoxy in the holes.

To do either, first apply a heavy coat of wax to the entire grip frame, especially around where you need to use the epoxy. I used to use an old toothbrush to apply Johnson's paste wax, but even shoe polish wax will do. NOT CAR WAX, it's not suitable for this.
Don't wipe the wax off, let it dry 20 minutes.

Mix up some 5 minute epoxy and apply it where you need to tighten the fit.
Quickly fit the grips on the frame and install the grip screw just snug enough to allow shifting the grips.
Shift the grips so they align with each other and are positioned on the frame properly.
Snug the screw down snug but not too tight and allow the epoxy to cure about an hour.

Remove the grips and clean up any excess epoxy and wipe off the wax.
Reinstall the grips and allow 24 hours to fully cure.
This should correct normal looseness, and is usually a lifetime repair.
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I had the same problem. Replaced them with the next era of DB stocks and they fit perfectly. As defariswheel said, some of them weren't fitted well. I used the ones that came on it for awhile before I found a set of next generation, fixed them with cardboard shims, kinda like your previous owner did.
Image 11 of the left side grip shows the filler disk is missing. That can cause looseness.
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I am sorry to inform you that the box and box label are both reproductions (fakes). In this serial number range, there were no thumb cut-outs above the end flaps on the box. The label is a well used and often seen fake, produced by the guy in Tennessee.

Was the Diamondback advertised as "New-In-Box" or "Like-New-In-Box"?
Thanks to all for your help, even the news on my box and label being reproductions. It is appreciated.
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