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I know this probably belongs in the Colt 'smithing section, but snice there seems to be so little traffic there I thought I would post here.

In any case, I have a .38 spl. Diamondback that is slightly out of time in both SA and DA. In SA when the gun is cocked the scylinder stop does not completely engage the cylinder notch until the trigger is pulled. This can easily be seen holding back the hammer and pulling the trigger which causes the stop to click into the notch. In the DA mode it engages right at the moment of the sear releasing the hammer, not a split second before. In both modes it does this on all six chambers, not only certain ones.

I'm much more familiar with S&W revolvers and could fix this problem, however, I am not as familiar with working on Colt's. What should I look at? Can this problem usually be fixed in a Colt or will I possibly need a part or two?

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or tips!

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Depending on a variety of things, a "fix" could be as simple as stretching the hand.

DO NOT DO THIS without learning HOW it's done.
It isn't stretched where, or how most people think it should, and doing it wrong will ruin the part.

If you're pretty good with gunsmithing skills you can buy a copy of Jerry Kuhnhausen's book "The Colt Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual, vol. One".

This shows in detail, just how the hand is stretched and re-fitted, as well as the special punch that's used.

If your aren't sure of your skills, send it to Colt or Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters for a professional repair.

Before doing ANYTHING yourself, buy the book. It's about $30.00 well spent.
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