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Where on net can I find a step by step description of disassembly & assembly of Python or KCobra ?
And how often - after how many rounds - do I have make the deep cleaning of gun including trigger group parts ?
(I use to make it twice yearly on my Ruger with complete disassembly.)

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I don't know of any online source, and frankly, I'd bet that any that are would not be complete enough to keep you out of trouble.

By far and away, the best info for you is to buy copies of Jerry Kunhausen's books "The Colt Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual" Vol, One and Two.

Volume One covers all the older Colt actions like the Detective Special and Python.
Volume Two covers the Trooper Mark III and King Cobra guns.

Volume One cost about $30.00, Two is slightly less.

You can get copies from Brownell's, Midway USA, and most local and online book sellers can order it for you.

Due to the incredible amount of info in these books, I consider them to be necessary equipment for a Colt revolver owner, whether you intend to disassemble or not.
They're that good.

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