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Discuss the Colt Cowboy for me......

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I have never seen a Colt Cowboy other than magazine ads and some mention in magazine articles. I would appreciate it if someone would give a brief history and description of the revolver. I never heard of its use outside of Cowboy Action Shooting. Was the gun of interest to casual shooters and/or outdoorsmen? Where did it fit in the array of Italian replicas, and how did it compare to them and Rugers?

Bob Wright
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colt just had to make a single action that we could complain about is all.... just kidding... I bought one at $850 last year. I'm not a car collector, but I compare it to say a car model from the 60's or whatever that wasn't too pretty or not the best idea, but they quickly stopped making them so there is not alot of them .. and now they are becoming collectible. I quick glance from a SAA collector at one and you can see the case coloring instead of true case hardening on the frame. The grips and bluing is also comparable quality and finish to a Taurus, Uberti, etc.
I don't know how well it operates, but I've read the posts about the gun locking up if its uncocked and trigger pulled from half cock.
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