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Discuss the Colt Cowboy for me......

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I have never seen a Colt Cowboy other than magazine ads and some mention in magazine articles. I would appreciate it if someone would give a brief history and description of the revolver. I never heard of its use outside of Cowboy Action Shooting. Was the gun of interest to casual shooters and/or outdoorsmen? Where did it fit in the array of Italian replicas, and how did it compare to them and Rugers?

Bob Wright
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The Colt Cowboy was an attempt by Colt to offer a lower cost single action revolver to people wanting a single action, but wouldn't spend the money for the high end and expensive semi-custom Single Action Army.
The Single Action Army was and is a Custom Shop model, the Cowboy was a standard production model.

It was a modern transfer bar safety-ignition type action. It was introduced in 1999, and discontinued in 2003.
Barrel lengths were 4 3/4" and 5 1/2".
Finish was blue with color case hardened frame.
Caliber was .45 Colt.
Grips were black composition similar to early SAA's from the 1870's.

There was a limited run of 1,000 guns with a bowie knife and a silver medallion, in a fitted case.

Originally, major parts were going to be made for Colt in the Czech Republic, but that was changed to Canada.
The guns were assembled and finished at Colt.

The gun was apparently not a success against the Ruger and various Uberti single actions.
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