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Discuss the Colt Cowboy for me......

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I have never seen a Colt Cowboy other than magazine ads and some mention in magazine articles. I would appreciate it if someone would give a brief history and description of the revolver. I never heard of its use outside of Cowboy Action Shooting. Was the gun of interest to casual shooters and/or outdoorsmen? Where did it fit in the array of Italian replicas, and how did it compare to them and Rugers?

Bob Wright
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Retail was about $600, many were bought for less ($450 and up). I finally bought one about 5 years ago and like shooting it as it was intended to be a working gun. Its fine for what it was intended for, but its not what one wants to pull out of the safe to brag about Colt fit and finish. I had to have my front sight bent slightly for it to shoot to the sights but no other issues. Kind of wish they still made it but the profit margin must have been really low. I would agree if you put it besides a vaquero, the vaquero would appear to have a better fit. It appears collectors are now attempting to add one to the collection so prices are climbing.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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