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Discuss the Colt Cowboy for me......

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I have never seen a Colt Cowboy other than magazine ads and some mention in magazine articles. I would appreciate it if someone would give a brief history and description of the revolver. I never heard of its use outside of Cowboy Action Shooting. Was the gun of interest to casual shooters and/or outdoorsmen? Where did it fit in the array of Italian replicas, and how did it compare to them and Rugers?

Bob Wright
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Re: strength of investment castings: the high stresses of firing referred to do not matter, as the cylinder and barrel, which carry these stresses, are made from bar stock, not castings.
A lot of people thought the same thing Jim, that Coca Cola had made a terrible mistake.`Although the product wasn`t received well by the masses, it got the company a whole lot more shelf space than they had before. About a year or so before the new Classic Coke was launched, Coca Cola was losing quite a chunk of their market share to Pepsi.


About a year after the "cowboy" came out the head of sales @ Colt called me [I won't use his name,he's no longer there] & wanted me to do an action job on a Colt for him,when he got it back he said he didn't know that a colt action could be done this nice w/genuine Colt parts & not use piano wire springs,then he asked me what I thought of the "cowboy"-I told him I didn't like it & wouldn't own one & that I'd re-named it "the coca cola colt",he asked why & I asked him if he rememberd when coke changed the recipe & it turned out to be a disaster & he said yes,I told him that that's what Colt has done by bringing out the cowboy & that it was the same kind of a mistake.
As to the stress incurred during firing, the barrel and cyinder do take the stress of pressure, but the frame takes a considerable of stress from recoil. The top strap is placed under considerable tension at the firing of the round from the inetia of the barrel.

I can tell you from experience having stretched a top strap until the rear of the cylinder bound against the top of the frame!

Bob Wright
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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