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Do these look to be "original" ?

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Do these look to be "original" Python stocks? Just curious :confused:

Colt Factory Generation 1 357 Python Grips | eBay
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Not for a Python.They look to be 3 5 7 stocks or the pre Python Trooper.JMO D*
They are original. The emblems are gold. I have over a dozen pairs of these and can spot fakes a mile away.
Original for Officers model Match,or the 357 or original trooper which had the silver medallions.
I "think" my computer resolution and color hues are correct as they look silver to me as well.
I vote gold. I wonder if those are her "original" fingernails? Such a lovely shade of green fingernail polish.
The stocks are clearly original. Whether the medallions are silver or gold is debatable. They look like silver on my monitor, but enlarging the picture reveals a more "goldish" hue. Maybe someone should ask the lady with the nicely painted fingernails?
They seem to be painted with some kind of clear coating.
The nice fingernails belong to an eBay seller called "coltelitegirl " and she has lots of grips/stocks for sale.......not all are colt.
coltelitegirl | eBay
Many look like Altamont made stocks to me but I am a rookie at this ;^)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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