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I was wondering if anyone does a good Colt book. I have the one from Jim Supica & Richard Nahas on the Smith & Wesson's. It's a very nicely done book.
Does anyone do something like that for Colt ?
Something that tells when a certain model was intruduced or when it was discontinued. When certain barrel sizes or finishes came out and when they were dropped.
Is there anything like that available ?

Thanks for any help.

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There is nothing quite like the S&W book, unfortunately.

The closest things available are:
"Colt Firearms: 1836 to 1940" by Haven and Beldan.
This is an older book that's been reprinted several times.

It covers everything from 1836 to WWII, and is especially good on the pre-war double actions.
This is one of the few that give finishes and barrel length info.
Included are reprints of old pre-war Colt catalog pages listing the various models, and the available calibers, barrels, and finishes.

The best all around book is "Colt: An American Legend" by R.L. Wilson.
The Colt factory considers this to be the "Official" history of Colt firearms.
It pictures every model of firearm Colt made from 1836 to 1985.
Most of the pictured firearms are highly engraved show models.

This is an especially good reference because in the back of the book is all known production and serial number info available up until 1985 for ALL Colt firearms.

There are several books by James Severn.
Almost certainly THE classic Colt book is "The Book Of Colt Firearms" by Robert Q. Sutherland, and R.L. Wilson.
This is probably the best Colt book ever, BUT used copies run from $300.00 AND UP.
This covers Colt's from 1836 up to the 1960's.

There are a number of books on the Colt Single Actions, and some newer books on Colt automatics.
For most available COlt books, do a search on Barnes & Noble. They list more than Amazon, AND they have a used book section that lists the older books, like the Sutherland books.

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I asked the same question on the 1911 Forum a few months ago. Basically, no joy. However, there is an internet e:book that you can download for $7.95, which covers Colt commercial models from Series 80 on. I haven't done this yet, largely because I only give out my credit card numbers to retailers with whom I'm familar. And there were no instructions for sending checks and money orders.

I'd really like to have this download book as it describes some interesting sidelights on the covered models. However, it's not like Supica's extensive masterpiece on S&W handguns.
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