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Don't have the twiches to shoot the safe Queen

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Went out and put a couple mags through my 2nd gen woodsman and netted a few tree rats too boot. here are the pics/
1962 or 63 colt Match target. fully engraved, gold inlay, Ivory grips. I still want to shoot it.
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Well, sfbreed, the guilt should fade now that you've got the "twitches" out of your system. I'd probably never have a safe queen myself. Just love to shoot too much.
I will lose $2000.00 off the top if I pull the trigger. Gun is unfired.
sfbreed, welcome to Coltforum! That is one fine looking Woodsman that you have so kindly posted. Colts are built to SHOOT, not just sit inside a safe!
I will lose $2000.00 off the top if I pull the trigger. Gun is unfired.
Ooooppsss. My mistake. I misunderstood. :confused: For some reason I thought you gave in to temptation like I would have.
It's 'already' been fired.

That's because it's been proofed at the factory, and the little triagular mark on the left triggerguard flat shows that as an intertwined 'VP' - indicating 'verified proof'.

Losing two grand off the top is a bit optimistic, and it's not like you're going to holster it, and take it along to check your trapline.
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Sfbreed, that's one sweet looking Woodsman! I must admit id have trouble shooting that one myself! I'd buy a cheaper one with finish issues and just shoot that one! I don't own any engraved firearms and that's prob why, besides the high costs lol
RCF, can you give credit to the engraver who made that gun so beautiful? I have one with the same type ivory grips that was engraved for me by Ken Hurst about 8 years ago. I hope to 'dig down' and find it one of these days. I will certainly post pictures as you have done.
You could shoot it and clean it good and it will still look the same maybe even better if you clean and polish it very carefully. It's a beauty, but I'd probably shoot it just to see how good it groups.

The only problem would be if you shot it and found that it just didn't shoot a tight group(with any 22 shells). That would not be good, because then it would always be in the back of your mind that it really isn't worth that much. But on the other hand, if it shot 1 ragged hole at say 15 yards (like colt tested them),then you might think it's worth even more than you originally thought.

So in some cases, maybe it's better not to shoot the gun.
Bless you for having the strength to own a gun and not shoot it. I'm weak so I just don't buy em if I can't shoot em.
If you're gonna keep it, shoot away - any "lost" value will recover over time, especially with such a niece piece. I suspect you don't plan on getting rid of it. I love my 2nd Series MT also, with same red lined box and same 2 patches and screwdriver. But no engraving nor ivories. Not really an engraved kind of guy. But love the ivories. Just need 1 more proper 2nd Series mag to complete my setup - 5 total. Working on paying off lay-a-way balance of my Bullseye 1st Series MT. Can't wait to get it. Was going to make it my "project" piece - suppressed, shoulder rig, wooden forearm, legal shoulder stock (which would require standard grips, not the EE grips coming with gun - but it looks so good with the EE's that I probably will get a shooter for my project instead. I'll reblue it if needed.
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That's not a safe queen it's a museum piece. Display it proudly and don't shoot it. I can't imagine that is the only .22 pistol you own so when you feel the itch, load another .22 and shoot away. Your engraved Woodsman has made it fifty years without being gratuitously fired, why deflower it now?

I too would like to know the engraver. It's master class work and I'd love to see some close up images.
There are so many other .22s to shoot,no reason to handle that other than a cleaning or to admire it. Some are shooters and some should be preserved and admired. Get a shooter grade if necessary.
Welcome to the Forum; what a fine way to splash in!

Please consider an answer to your question... that you will never hear: "I have a wonderfully engraved, 50 year old, un-fired and cased Colt Woodsman very much like yours (photo attached), and I think you should shoot the heck out of it, just like I plan on doing with mine, as soon as I have a chance".

The value of your Colt has now far exceeded its worth as a "handgun". To shoot it would be tantamount to purchasing .22 ammunition at Walmart with a Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin.
Went out and put a couple mags through my 2nd gen woodsman and netted a few tree rats too boot. here are the pics/
1962 or 63 colt Match target. fully engraved, gold inlay, Ivory grips. I still want to shoot it.
Beautiful, and older than you said. Last year for the second series was 1955.

Bob Rayburn
Colts were made to sell. What the buyer did with them was of little interest to Colt.
Sell 'and' use.

Colt was only interested if the buyer had them do the additional work.

Pretty piece, though.
ED Mason did the engraving and gold work. Hes out of Memphis, TN. His name is in scroll work on the bottom of the barrel.
I can hit a quarter every time at 20 feet with my 2nd gen woodsman and its my favorite shooter. Might have to list the match target. I know that the engraving and gold work went for almost $4,000.00. I think the plain pistol goes for 1800.00.
Dont know.
Any Ideas on putting a price on it???
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