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Don't Tell Jim Martin, But I Almost Bid On This SAA Yesterday

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My least favorite SAA barrel length is 5 1/2". Except if it's a nickel .44 Special or maybe a .45. I guess I just watched my Gilbert Roland Cisco Kid DVD collection too many times. But I watched this .44 Special on G.B. and almost bid when it was $1,000. But since I know where one is about 1 1/2 hours from me, I passed. It looks like a well made early 80's gun. For some reason the rampant Colt's legs look short on the left frame. Maybe my imagination.

Colt SAA Single Action Army 44 spcl special nickel : Revolvers at
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Concertina wire on the roof , Apache Junction , AZ must be in a rough neighborhood !

I like the .44 though :cool:
I kinda figured the security was there for a reason . Lot's of dollars in that inventory shown in their photos . Some knucklehead probably tried to come through the roof in the past .

edit to add : Just watched the store info video on their site . That's a nice store !
I like it Jeff ! It looks bigger on the inside . The video intro is very helpful .
Thanks . I like AZ , wish I could visit more often .
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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