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Don't Tell Jim Martin, But I Almost Bid On This SAA Yesterday

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My least favorite SAA barrel length is 5 1/2". Except if it's a nickel .44 Special or maybe a .45. I guess I just watched my Gilbert Roland Cisco Kid DVD collection too many times. But I watched this .44 Special on G.B. and almost bid when it was $1,000. But since I know where one is about 1 1/2 hours from me, I passed. It looks like a well made early 80's gun. For some reason the rampant Colt's legs look short on the left frame. Maybe my imagination.

Colt SAA Single Action Army 44 spcl special nickel : Revolvers at
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Sorry for being late to the party on this one boyz.
I do run the auctions and internet stuff for the store, but if you stop in, there's another Jeff that is actually the owner.
If you stop in ask for the OTHER Jeff or CHICAGO Jeff and you'll get them to go find me.
Nice store lots of stuff.
The reason for the razor wire is an important one.
We carry a LOT of guns. from cowboy stuff to Barrett 50 BMGs. Also a pretty good range of Ammo.
When we were in our previous location, we were in the middle of a strip mall.
The bad guys out here broke through 4, that's right 4 other stores to get into our gun shop a few years ago.
They broke through the outer brick wall of the strip mall, then went through 4 shops interior walls to get to our goodies.
If you want something bad enough, you'll do anything to get it I guess.
Our new building is pretty secure compared to the last location.
Stop in if you guys are out our way.

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The owner is on the city Council, we've got pull baby. Ha ha ha

It's a county island that we are located in (only 6.3% sales tax). The shop actually has a Apache Junction mailing address.

I like it Jeff ! It looks bigger on the inside . The video intro is very helpful .
A lot of people stop in and are amazed how much stuff we have and how much bigger it looks from the inside.
If you're ever in town, stop in and say hello.

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