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Drilling holes for stock screws - Model O

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I need to drill some (properly spaced) holes for stock screws for the Government Model / Model O

Does anyone make / sell a jig for drilling properly spaced stock screw holes? I can build one but wondered if there was something ready made that would be accurate. Looked a brownells web site but if it is there I missed it.

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There is no hand mounted, drilling fixture that I'm aware of. Dimensions for locations, relative to the slide stop hole centerline, are available, but unless you have a mill or fixture that allows for you to take accurate measurements, you might actually get closer just using a good set of grips, like highly precise Alumagrips, as a template for C to C value and location. If you'd like the blueprint, I can direct you... here. Page 3, right hand side - enlarge for clarity.

I used to just make a simple Jig, with one Index Hole, same size as the minor Hole for the M1911 Stock...

The Jig would be a longer rectangular piece of Medite/MDF or something stable and no grain anyway.

This would clamp down on to the Drill Press Table.

Any Stock piece would then be drilled with one Hole by Eye, then, that Hole would index into the Jig.

Jig would be adjusted then empirically, to provide the correct spacing, for the second Hole to be Drilled.

Stock Pieces would be drilled 'In the Rough', and then finished and brought to final size afterward.

I had a Spot Surfacer which was the correct diameter for the larger diameter step, who's Pilot was the same diameter as the primary smaller Hole. The 'Step' was then Drilled carefully on the Drill Press, having set the Depth to the proper amount for the step to be properly located.
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The Gun Digest Book of the .45: Dean A. Grennell: 9780873490436: Books

The book of the 45 by dean Grennell has a section on grip making that includes detailed hole jig diagrams
Look into "Clip Grips" Those metal plates should work for you. Nick
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