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Dry Firing Colts

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I recently acquired an Officers Model Match in .22 caliber. Since the firing pin is integeral to the hammer would it be possible to dry fire this gun w/o causing damage?
Similiarly, can a 3rd Gen. SAA be safely dry fired?
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The OMM can be dry fired. Some older .22 firearms couldn't because the firing pin would contact the cylinder or barrel face and damage it.
The Colt's are OK, because the hammer makes a positive stop against the frame that prevents the firing pin from contacting the cylinder.

The SAA can be dry fired, but watch for "cratering" of the firing pin hole in the frame. As the firing pin moves forward through the hole, slight mis-alignment of the pin may contact the frame and push a small "crater" of metal out around the hole.
dfariswheel - Thanks very much for the info. shortcut
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