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Eagle Grips

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My wife found these Eagle grips for my SAA. She got them from the son of a local gunsmith who has passed away and the son is selling off the contents of his shop. I plan on keeping the "Gambler" grips that came on her put away so nothing happens to them. I had to do a bit of sanding but not much - man talk about a stink - that gutta percha stinks when it is sanded. Reminds me of working with Water Buffalo horn for knife handles. When did Colt stop with the Eagle grips? According to the archive letter my Colt was made in 1897.


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What grips would my 1919 Colt saa left the factory with?
Thank you sir!
Mine came with prancing pony without eagle.
Unfortunately, whoever owned the revolver prior overtightened them.
The inside has slight cracks and missing pieces around the screw.
I put them away and found some very old bone grips.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts