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Early 70's Peacemaker

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Back in 1974, I traded a friend of mine a Ruger Speed Six for a like new Peacemaker .22. It was a short barreled version (4.4"?), CCH and blued and came with both cylinders. I used it extensively for more than forty years both on the range and out in the field. I never did use the mag cylinder. I ended up selling it to another friend of mine about five years ago to use for training his sons. I've bought and sold a number of guns over the years but I really miss that Peacemaker. I've asked my friend to sell it back to me if he ever decides to get rid of it but it's his kids' favorite so that probably won't happen. If anybody has a line on a clean used one, I'd sure appreciate it if you would contact me with the particulars. I'm not looking for a new in the box one or one with both cylinders, just a nice clean shooter with a .22lr cylinder. I figured I'd throw it out here first before I placed a WTB ad here on the forum, if that isn't an infraction of some sort.
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