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Early engraved pythons

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Does anyone have or have seen any examples of early FACTORY engraved pythons? If so what is the lowest number and how about some pics as examples. I noticed an add in an old Colt catalog that it was offered and someone posted a pic of one in another post. I would like to know if any were actually produced and the type of engraving that was offered on them. Happy Hollidays to all.
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My earliest is from 1976 and is done in the characteristic scroll that we so often see from Colt during the middle 1970s through the early 1980s. While I can not confirm this, it seems to me that the Custom Shop produced more engraved Pythons during this period than any other. I do not have photos of, nor can I recall seeing a factory engraved piece earlier than about 1975, but surely they exist and perhaps someone will post it here.

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That is sweet. great looking work and just enough to add a little pizazz to the popular firearm but it is also the thing to make it rare enough for a collector to desire. I also have a D engraved from the 1970's as you can see from my avatar. What I would like to see is an early example if it is out there from the 1960's 0r 50's since it was offered in a catalog of the period. Thanks for posting. Even though mine is Nickel plated I would much prefer the royal blue finish.
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I agree with Kanatak.
It seems to be that most factory engraved Pythons out there are from the mid to late 70's.
I have some from 1976, 1977 & 1978.
My only earlier one that that was not factory engraved.
That one is shown in the first picture.

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Well my 1957 isn't factory engraved but I still like it and here are a few not so good pics....RR

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These are some very fine examples of engraved Pythons. Thanks for sharing them. Just by looking at these pics I can see the different styles of engraving. I am debating to have one of my pythons engraved but not sure what style I want or if I should even go that route. I want an engraved python as a shooter.
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