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In the case where families will sell such "Treasures" it is all a case of how you look at the items.With us it is family history of a person who served and protected and we appreciate the revolver that he/she used as a work of art and to be cherished and preserved.With alot of people they look at the "Gun" as something evil to be hated and gotten rid of for as much money as possible. If people feel that way it is all the better so this way the collection will go to a person who will treat it with the reverence and respect that they deserve.I was so happy to get my instructors Off Duty and BUG from his estate when he passed.Because of severe frame pitting it was returned to Colt, refinished,and brought back to factory specs.The Royal Bluing failed after 2 years,and it was Ionbonded,I replaced the grips to original with a Tyler T Grip and it lives on my hip as my primary carry gun in tribute to him......Mike
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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