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All will tell us that refinishing hurts the value. Yet both yours and mine are old guns that likely seen action and history. Because they are refinished despite what they really feel, the snob collectors will point out the refinish yet the prices on safe queens like unfired pythons go through the roof. Both type guns have their own charm and I own some of both. Our guns are vets. Likely seen some action or at least we have reason to think they might have. A safe queen is like a embombed and preserved movie star.
Being refinished we can gleefully shoot them without worrying about lowering the value as on a safe queen. Yours for sure was no doubt a civil war gun as per the lettering indicates on the butt. Mine might have been, or civilian, I dont know. Mine doesnt have the lanyard ring. I am guessing yours a cavary gun. I have a book on our model guns somewhere. I need to dig it out and research. I will post again later.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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