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El Toro?

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Picking up an old Shotgun News,Hoplite has listed for sale a Colt "El Toro" .38super.
'Colt royal blue frame and slide,white pearlite stocks etched with a fighting bull,jeweled stainless slide stop, trigger,hammer,and safety.
What can you tell me about this model?
I'm particularly interested in the years of manufacture.
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This is one of a series of Colt Custom Shop .38 Super Gov't Models commissioned by Lew Horton. There's the El Capitan, El Toro, El Presidente, El Rey, El Obra Maestra, etc. There's one that is only marked Colt Custom but is included in the series. Most are in BSS with pearlite grips but there were blue models with other grip materials. The model numbers all contain the letters "EL". They were made recently and you can see them listed all the time on the gun auction sites.
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