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I have been in discussions about end shake over at the S&W forum. Strted me wondering. What do we do for end shake in a Colt?


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The Colt end shake fix is unfortunately much more difficult than on the S&W revolvers.

To correct end shake on a Colt, a special mandrel is inserted into the cylinder's crane tunnel.

A hydraulic swaging device is used to squeeze the cylinder collar. The collar is squeezed, then rotated until the collar is stretched the desired amount.

After stretching, the cylinder is put into a milling fixture and the collar is cut to the proper length.

Needless to say, this is a job ONLY for the factory, or a Colt qualified shop with the tooling.

One shop that does, is Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters.

I have seen a few jobs done by a MASTER machinist/pistolsmith, where the cylinder was bored out and a bushing was pressed in.

This calls for some high-level skills, and the making of a proper sized bushing.

The reason for the difference is, the S&W revolver cylinder is spaced at the REAR of the cylinder. The rear of the cylinder stops on the rear of the yoke, or crane.

The Colt is spaced on the FRONT of the cylinder, by the cylinder collar stopping against the crane flange on the older guns, or on the crane itself on the newer guns.

On the S&W's it's a fairly easy job to either stretch the hollow yoke's tube, or drop in a washer or two.

On the Colt, the only "fix" is to lengthen the cylinder collar.

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