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I'm wondering whether anyone here can tell me whether the Power Custom endshake bearings that are spec'd to fit the Anaconda and SP101 are the same size as those that would be used in a King Cobra?


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Re: End shake Bearings - Anaconda = King Cobra?

I don't think Power sells end shake bearings for any Colt but the Single Action.

In any case, the Colt DA revolvers are not repairable with bearings.
The S&W and Ruger pistols space on the rear of the yoke or crane contacting the rear of the cylinder.
You can drop a bearing down the cylinder hole and it will correct end shake.

The Colt revolvers space by the front of the cylinder collar contacting the front of the frame below the barrel.

You can't use a bearing here.

On the Colt's, the only repair possible for end shake is to use a special hydraulic tool to "squeeze" the cylinder collar, and stretch it.
This is a factory ONLY job, or a top repair service like Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters or Cylinder & Slide.

Dropping a bearing down a Colt cylinder will absolutely destroy the cylinder and crane since this isn't how Colt's work.

If you look at the rear of the S&W and Ruger cylinder you'll see that they are solid.
Look at the Colt's and you'll see a pressed-in bushing at the rear.
A washer will hammer that bushing out, doing severe damage to the crane, cylinder, ejector, and frame.

There is no "do-it-yourself" repair possible for the Colt's.
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