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Escrow service

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Has anyone here on the forum ever had occasion to use an escrow service when buying a gun?

I'm considering a purchase of a gun from a site where there is no feedback feature. The
seller has no feedback on sites such as EBay. So, I suggested that we use an escrow service
to handle the transaction. Now I need to find one.

Thanks in advance for any and all sugggestions.
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Yes, I was buying a small collection & went to my bank & asked about escrow service. Bank VP was flabbergasted anyone would want escrow service for anything other than a real estate transaction.

Struck out on escrow, I opted for a bank to bank accounts funds wire transfer. Not secure by any means but the seller must at least have a bank account and be seen in person when dealing with the bank. It had the advantage of same day payment. I got the guns OK.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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