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This is my 4th gun Dave has built/worked on. 2 SCGs from his days at Colt, a delta he SCG'd at EA, and this work of art.

I haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet, but it looks amazing.

For all of you tight fit people, this thing is plenty tight. Only gun I have ever had to use a bushing wrench on. Will see how the accuracy is, it certainly makes taking them apart and putting them back together a little more involved.

The ionbond is beautiful and I really like the stan chen magwell. Dave as usual has excellent work on the top strap.

The more I use yost front sights ,the more enamored I become with them. I haven't used the custom sight Dave put on this one in actual shooting, but the sight picture it presents is very good. The checkering on the rear and sight is a first for me but we will see how it works.

I have said before the Front strap checkering isn't a big deal for me, but the 25 LPI is very nice.

The FBI cut isn't the most functional mod for me but it looks nice, as does the 30 degree barrel recess.

Speaking of nonfunctional mods, I am loving the ball cuts and french borders on this gun. They just really set it off. I choose to forgo them on my flattop delta Dave did for me and now wish I hadn't.

The trigger and action are amazing in dry fire.

What can I say, I love this gun and haven't even shot it yet!


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Beautiful craftsmanship - in the classic sense of the word. Oh, quality like that does not come cheap!
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