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'Executioner' grips on Agent

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Patrick Grashorn aka 'The Executioner' made up a pair of short grips for my Agent. He does wonderful work!

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Nice grips! You don't see too many grips that are the length of the original Agent grips. I like the bobbed t-grip too.

Very nice!

With a Bobbed Hammer, and rounding off the rear 'corner' of the Grip, it'd make a very good Trouser Pocket Revolver.
It works best with low recoiling loads because there's not much to hold on to - 148 gr WC are good. I figure even with such loads it beats your average mousegun.
That is a very nice handgun. I agree those stocks are really nice.
Thanks for sharing.
I need to file the top inside portion of the T grip so that the rest of it fits flush with the grip frame.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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