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Re: Fair price for 6\" Army Special

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mikesss:
A local pawn shop has an 6" .38 Army Special that is in excellent mechanical condition. It appears to be .38 spl.

The bluing is very nice with the exception of one patch about 1 sq inch and a second patch almost as large. Appears that these patches had a lot of rust and were sandpapered and then re-rusted.

I want the gun for a shooter and toy.

The pawn shop wants about $250 for it. Any idea what a 'good' price is for it?

PS, this guy has a lot of guns, he preferrs to keep them rather than coming down on the price.

That I think is a very good price. Over the past three years I have bought 2 Colt Official Police .38 Revolvers (The same gun as yours only it went from being called the Army Special in 1926 to Official Police) for $250 or $275 each in probably a little worse bluing condition than what you described. Seeing as how yours is older than even my two guns (one made in 1944 the other in 1961)I would say that is a very good deal.

If the gun is in good working condition and you like it, I'd grab it for that price.

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