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I tried to locate a whats it worth post with no luck. Apologies for starting another thread if I missed the right place. Messed up the year in the title... it's a '53 I verify from the SN (and the receipt).

I'm buying my dad's 1953 1911A1 and want to give him a fair price. The pistol is in really good shape, he's the original owner (I have the receipt shipping it to him in Korea $80 total with the .22 conversion). He changed the grips over to Ivory and the original grips have shrunk so they no longer fit. He also has a second .45 barrel. I have:

- original box (ruff shape)
- original .45, grips, 4 page "user guide"
- second .45 barrel, missing the pin and ring
- original .22 conversion in box with 4 page "user guide"

I expect this has been fired less than 50 times. I don't want to sell it, I just want to give my dad a fair price. I'm also thinking about trying to heat up the original grips to see if I can get them to fit. Any advice?

1911A1.jpg Capture.3JPG.jpg Capture2.JPG Capture.jpg
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