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Faked Python at Local Gun Show

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I spent the last weekend at a local gun show. I saw a fake Python that was made up of an 8" Python barrel on a frame that appeared to be a Colt 3-5-7. The rib did not meet up with the frame. When I asked the dealer about the problem, he said he did not know what I meant by that.
Wow! Buying a Python these days with the rapidly inflating prices has really created some true FrankenPythons. Beware!
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It's probably this one. It's been on Gunbroker, and the auction was shut down. The seller is from Virginia.
Why shouldn't you trust this guy?

Do you have any suspicions about his Colt Diamondback 2 1/2" bbl Electro Nickel Rare : Revolvers at

Besides being rare, at least he says nothing about originality ... but still a fake.
the chopped front sight?
the rubber grips?
the date of mfg being well ahead of e-nickel?
the color of the e-nick?
the flake overruns inside the top strap?
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And the seller has an "A+" rating on Gunbroker. Unbeleiveable.
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