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Hi Colt fans,

I own a Colt Peacekeeper, 4" barrel, build: 1987. Still looking for a better grouping .38 special handloaded combination. For now I'm using 3.6 gr AA # 2 with a 158 LRN from H&N.(Haendler & Natterman)

This particular handload groups excellent in the S&W 686. About 3" at 25 yards, shot one handed. But "strange" enough not that well in the Peacekeeper. Did some shooting trials with jacketed bullets(Hornady 110 gr & 125 gr)and AA # 2 but till now no succes.
Think the relative fast twist of the Colt barrels is of some significant influence......

So I'm curious what the MK V owners(Trooper, Lawman etc.) use for handloads in there revolvers? Especially used powder, bullet, C.O.L. and used crimp. The accuracy I'm looking for is approximately 3 to 4" at 25 yards. The smaller the better of course.

Looking forward to your answers.Thanks in advance.

Armes de poing
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