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Fed Personal Defense 32 S&W Long ammo any better?

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I have a link from Able's quoting that Federal Personal Defense 32 S&W Long ammo clocks the standard lead RN bullet at 780 fps at the muzzle and 130 ft lbs at the muzzle.

Federal Personal Defense Ammunition C32LB, 32 S&W Long, Lead Round Nose, 98 GR, 780 fps, 20 Rd/bx - Able Ammo

Compared to the standard Remington and Winchester loads (705 fps and 115 ft lbs) there is an increase of 75 fps and 15 ft lbs with the Federal round.

I am wondering if it's worth buying a few boxes? They are sold in 20 rd. packs that actually come out at the same cost or a little cheaper as half a box of 50 Remingtons or Winchesters. The increase in muzzle velocity is greater than the increase in ft lbs using the Federal round. I wish it were the other way around.
I like any increase in cartidge efficiency but I'm not convinced that the increases are enough to bother with buying some of this.

If I reloaded I could probably get a better performing 32 Long round without damaging the D frame, but that's not in the cards.
I also would not consider having the Colt DS converted to 32 mag! I definitely want to keep it as I received it. Colt didn't make a lot of DSs in 32 Colt NP. So it's kind of a scarce variation.

My thoughts are basically to keep this DS as an interesting early 50s Ds to shoot at the range ocassionally. I have no plans to use it for self defense or carry, but I am always considering alternatives.

What say you, gents and ladies?
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Magtech loads a .32 S&W sjhp rated 778fps. At that speed it's very unlikely to expand, but should be the same as a semi wadcutter.
I fired these out of a 6" Colt into water jugs and got slight expansion . I bet if you loaded your own using Winchester 60 gr STHP bullets you might get better expansion .

I think with the .32 SWL you are looking for penetration rather than bullet expansion given the relatively low velocity . JMO
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