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Hi friends,

The F.F.T. (Fédération Française de Tir) has just issued a photo album that comprises images captured during recent French championships of various shooting sports (TAR, TSV, Bench Rest, Ancient Weapons and other more academic shootings).

This album is very easy to consult. Almost no comments in French, just like a picture book for the kids. You only have to scroll the images.

Here is where you can get to the album.[email protected]/albums

Just a few points I wish to clarify :

F.F.T does not compare toN.R.A., it is only an organization that gathers shooters who wish to pratice shooting as a sport. You must be member of F.F.T. to register in a club.

T.A.R. has nothing to do with“coal tar” for instance; it stands for “Tir aux Armes Réglementaires”, meaning weapons that were once used by an army, whatever the period and the country. You'll see M-16, US M1, Garand, Mauser 98, P-08, Colt 1911 etc.

T.S.V. Stands for Tir Sportif de Vitesse : you run, you shoot, you climb, you shoot, you duck, you shoot and so on.

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