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I happened to find myself at the CT State Library today and so took a small diversionary stroll through the museum. Here’s a few tidbits that are available for viewing.
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On the way back I took a drive past the old Blue Dome. There is work going on there to bring the building back to life and it looks pretty good. It was a beautiful day in Hartford and everything looked bright and cheerful, or as much as possible. As seen in the photos below, the old Colt Armory is a splendid looking structure. Unfortunately the neighborhood it resides in, not so much.
Sky Building Daytime Window Car
Car Sky Tire Land vehicle Wheel

Also amongst the Colt artifacts in the museum is the Rampant Colt from the top of the Blue Dome. The dome was renovated and the original was donated to the museum in 1995.
Statue Sculpture World Horse Lighting
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