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A catastrophic House Fire resulted in total loss of property. 3 Colt revolvers, kept in a non-heat rated safe, were exposed to damaging smoke. The high heat and thick smoke caused a chemical reaction. The surface bluing blistered and deformed. The grips dried out and became brittle. Our Custom Shop Restoration Specialists were able to return the finish of all three Colt revolvers to original factory finish. The damaged grips were replaced with New Old Stock factory grips appropriate to the dates of manufacture for each revolver.

Another successful restoration here at Custom Shop, Inc! We will ship these revolvers back to the customer today. Imagine he will be overwhelmed beyond words. What do you think?

Firearm Gun Trigger Revolver Gun accessory

2 Colt Pythons and a Detective Special

(Unfortunately, we were not able to take photos of what these guns looked like before restoration, as they got disassembled before our Professional Photographer could get to them.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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