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I do know of the very restricted gunlaws in Australia. How do you manage to own this very nice Colt SAA?? are you a member of a collector association? Do you have a colector permitt?

I do live in the Netherlands. I do have a collector permitt that tells that I can own the revolver but not shoot it. (aldo I am a sportshooter to and have a sportshootingpermitt to)

Greetings from a member with a double nationality. Dutch and Australian.

Do not shoot this nice Colt. It is a on the border of Nitro and Blackpowder. I think when you shoot nitro with it you blow this revolver up. Treassure it.
Hi Thuer,

Could you please educate me about firearm collection laws in the Netherlands? Is it possible to register "modern" firearms like a Mauser Parabellum/P08, a Colt 1911 or simply an S&W New Century DA revolver?

I am from Spain and as you know firearm laws are really restrictive. Up to now the only way to own handguns being a civilian is to have a sports shooting license. This hard to get license that has to be renewed every three years at great expense of time and money allow the shooter to own just handgun and up to 100 rounds per year (more rounds can be bought at the range but it is a crime to take home a single round). More guns can be owned if the shooter get more expertise and competes in regional o national matches with high scores (ISSF rules). So a Second Class sport Shooting license allow the ownership of six firearms and first class licenses up to ten firearms. There is also a collector license. This license allow for ownership but not shooting,anyway up to know it was nearly is imposible to register any gun other than blackpowders.

A year ago, my brother and I (we work as editor contributors for several european gun magazines), were fundamentals to a positive change in the law. The collector license now allow the ownership of firearms (originals or reproduction) of any firearm with a manufacture patente dated before January 1st 1890. So, the Colt SAA as well as other fine firearms can be owned under the collector license. The positive feature of this license is that it is intended for a lifetime, however guns can not be fired any time, no ammo can be bought for the guns. The firearms have to be stored in an approved gun safe and can not be taken out of home for any reason.

Regards from Utah, USA


Congratulations for the new .41 Colt SAA!
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