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I haven't posted in a long time, but I figured the forum might not mind bad attempt at holster making.
Had a bunch of scrap leather from another project so I decided to try and make my own pancake holster for my Trooper. I cheated and used my regular holster as a pattern but changed it so the trigger would be covered more. Cut the pieces of leather to shape and sewed it together on a antique machine I found some years ago. Turns out it's strong enough to sew through thin leather. Once finished I wiped a thick layer of gun oil on the revolver and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Soaked the leather(minus gun) in hot water and stuffed the wrapped gun in as far as I could, then let it sit for a day.


Surprisingly it worked. The revolver fits and it rides high and reasonably tight. On the negative side however, the holster fit to the gun isn't as tight as I would like it for an open top holster. Not too loose. I did a lot of jumping around and yard work and the gun stayed put. The leather is on the soft side, so that probably effects things. Lastly it's just ugly.

A nice project to pass the time. I'll wear it around the house some more to see how it will hold up then retire it to the holster drawer. Maybe try stiffer leather next time.
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