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First Python Purchase--Updated Grip Pics

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Gentleman (and possibly Ladies)

First let me preface this post by saying that I am a new to Python and gun collecting in general. I picked up this 2.5" Nickel Python yesterday. No box and obvious aftermarket grips. I think I got a good deal but my main concern is condition. I put the gun on armslist and have gotten a wide variety of offers/advice. The serial number is 591xx (again I dont know if its a big deal if I publish the serial number here). I bought/traded for it in hopes of trading for another python from my birth year.

I am posting it here to get some honest opinions and feedback from the experts. Let me know if there are any other views you guys want to see.

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Where in Illinois are you located ? I'm interested in all snub pythons
I am in Southeast Will County. Forty minutes south of Chicago off of I-57.
More pictures. I also forgot to ask. Do you guys know what the two letters signify stamped beneath the serial number? They may not come across clearly in the pictures but they are a E and a G. Thanks again guys. Revolver Cylinder
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You have what looks to be some "clouding" and "scaling" in the nickel. Nickel is a tough finish to maintain. Overall it looks like a very nice piece.
Thanks for the reply. Sorry for all the questions, but, I have been scouring the Internet since I bought this Python. Should I invest in a set of original grips for this gun? Would the $175 investment make this gun more appealing to potential buyers/trade partners? Thanks again guys.
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't spend the time and money putting original stocks on a shooter grade gun if you're just looking to sell/trade. Experts correct me if I'm wrong, but in today's market, you can make more by selling the correct grips and the gun separately on a shooter, without box etc... Which is what I suspect some shops are doing...

Someone who tracks Gunbroker more closely than I do can verify this, but I see shooter grade Pythons going for the same ballpark, regardless of the grips. I would say that condition, age, and good pictures are more important, IMHO

I'd stay away from the advice on Armslist, you'll get honest feedback and knowledge here on the forum... Armslist is a veritable cornucopia of characters, with the majority trending towards the unscrupulous side. Tire kickers, swindlers, and silver tongued con-men heavily outweigh the honest folk. I use that site for the selling tool that it is, but I'm wary every step of the way.

Trading is your best option IMHO. I've never had much luck selling a gun to turn around and buy another, most often I find myself on the short end of the stick by the time I've spent gas and haggling of prices, I either end up with a handful of cash and the gun I'm looking to buy is nowhere in sight/already sold, or a handful of cash that falls short of the price of the gun I'm looking to buy. To use an overused expression "A Python in the hand is worth two that I'm bidding for on Gunbroker"

You'll get a lot of offers to sell your Python or trade it for something else, and very few offers to trade for what you want, but the trades that you're looking for can happen every once in a while... Hope this helps

My strategy would be to keep the one you have and save up and buy the one you want... then decide if you want to sell the remaining Python when you have two in hand... I still can't bring myself to sell any of the ones I have (I'm sure others have the same "problem")...
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Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate the info. I do have a trade lined up, but, not sure if I am in the right ballpark. What would you guys think the value of my Python would be? I did go out and purchase the grips and they should be here this week (against your advice Redcrow, sorry). Again, all help is appreciated.
It's a 1966 gun,most likely came with service stocks originally.If you get some Flitz and use a cotton rag,it will clean up very nicely.If you put it on gunbroker with no reserve for at least a week,you'll get top dollar for it.
Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate the info. I do have a trade lined up, but, not sure if I am in the right ballpark. What would you guys think the value of my Python would be? I did go out and purchase the grips and they should be here this week (against your advice Redcrow, sorry). Again, all help is appreciated.
what ball park are you in?
its really a nice piece, in your position i will pile up more colts. wish i got every kinda colt python.
Just a quick update. Brought the gun to work to show some of the guys and had it in my car. I was near a local gun shop after an appointment and decided to stop in. Brought the gun inside and decided to see what they would give me for it. Surly older gentleman behind the counter kind of perked up when I opened the case and quickly went back to looking uninterested. He pulled out the ole Blue Book of Gun Values and opened it to the Colt section. After inspecting my gun for a few minutes he grumbled, "I can give you four for it.......". Then I was the one who perked up, thinking he may have really liked it and meant four thousand. Wrong. His offer was four hundred as my gun was in "rough shape" and "didn't have the original grips or box". Fighting the urge to snatch him by the neck (I was in uniform and on duty) I thanked him for his time and left the store.

My question is, how can these guys sleep at night? What if I was some widow or someone's kid who had inherited Husband's/Dad's gun? I know my Python isn't worth $5000, but, $400? Come on.
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I'll up the ante , how about 500 , lol just kidding
I would put it at around $2k to $2500 depending on how well that nickel "cleans up". Once it starts goin it's hard to bring it back. YMMV

What do you guys think of this gun? I have an opportunity to turn mine around and snag this bad boy. It fits my criteria to a T, and I think the price is right for what I have invested in mine. Let me know. Thanks again.

MINT 6" Royal Blue Colt Python, Mfg. 1978 : Revolvers at
Someone with a lot more knowledge on the subject than I brought up a good point. Do you guys think this gun has been re-blued at some point in its life and is that front sight original to the gun? This is why I like this forum. Thanks again guys, I will be awaiting your expert opinions.
Updated Pics

Just got the "new" grips in the mail yesterday. I think it makes the gun look awesome. What do you guys think? Have a trade in the works for another python, starting to re-think it.

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