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I certainly don't know much about these but I would have thought in July of 1934 the barrel hood marking would be .38 COLT like Scott's example and 15251is earlier. I'm sure both are legit I just don't understand the discrepancy.

Yes, the OPs and the barrel pictured by mpd1978 are interesting. (For those that have it see pages 41, 42, 161, and 162 in Sheldon.)

(AFAIK) Sheldon does not cover the "38 COLT" roll-stamp marked on the left side of the chamber. ? The "38 COLT" on top of the chamber (visible at the ejection port) is the second version noted by Sheldon and is noted as a "Type II Barrel" as pictured by Kevin Williams in his SUPER .38 article in the June 2009 MAN AT ARMS. This roll stamp, "38 COLT" on top of the chamber was used "for only about three months" (Sheldon).

The next Barrel noted by Sheldon, and Williams' "Type III Barrel" is/was marked "SUPER 38 AUTO" on the left side of the barrel chamber, in the same place that this "38 COLT" is located. It looks like this "38 COLT" stamp is the same roll-stamp used on the Type II Barrel (visible at the ejection port). ? Presumably, the Barrel in the OPs' SUPER is a transition barrel between the Type II and III SUPER Barrels?

Most likely, the Barrel used by COLT during Assembly were the Barrels available at that time. KIM, the Pistols were Not Assembled in Numerical Order. Knowing the Assembly date of a/the Pistol(s) may help put all of this in Order. ?

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P.S. Here's a picture of the Assembly Date.


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