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Out of all the many Colt letters on "Fitz" modified revolvers, I have seen many 'Unable to find' letters, but never have I seen a positive documentation letter from Colt as to the authenticity of a "Fitzgerald" factory modification. Does such a thing exist???? Thanks Henri

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Certainly they do.
The Fitz modified Colt's are famous, and VERY expensive collector's guns.

Fitz made his special cut-downs from the Detective Special, but also with other Colt's.

He personally carried a pair of New Service Fitz Specials in .45 Colt in his front pants pockets. (Fitzgerald was a MONSTER big man, and pants pockets were more substantial back then).
In his hands, a New Service Fitz model looked like an ordinary man holding a Detective Special model.

Apparently Fitz guns were also made from the 1911 and "possibly" the Banker's Special.
Famous Texas Ranger Manny "Lone Wolf" Gonzalez carried a pair of Fitz model engraved and inlaid 1911's with no trigger guard.
These can be seen in the Texas Ranger museum at Waco.

MANY, MANY copies and outright forgeries of the Fitz guns have been made over the years.

Every once in a while a gun magazine will show a Fitz-type gun, and shortly thereafter new copies show up in the used section of the local gun shop.

Some years ago out west, there was a man who was the talk of the gun collectors network.

He was buying Colt Detective Specials made in a specific serial number range and was paying what at the time was outlandish prices for these DS's in good shape.

Apparently he was ALSO selling "genuine" Fitz Special guns to collectors, complete with Colt factory Historical Letters.

The game blew up when a buyer damaged his letter and contacted the factory for a replacement.

When Colt couldn't find any such letter, and had no record of this being a Fitz gun, the buyer went to the police.

Bottom line was, the buyer of old Colt's and seller of Fitz Specials went to the state slammer for felony fraud.

There are several ways to ID a genuine Fitz gun.

The Colt verified proof "VP" in a triangle mark is stamped on the left REAR side of the trigger guard, where regular Colt's are stamped on the left FRONT.
This is because cutting the trigger guard removed the stamping place.

Next, the top of the spurless hammer is deeply, and neatly checkered to provide a good grip when cocking the gun in single action.

A genuine Fitz falls within a fairly narrow serial number range.

There are other features known to well informed collectors.

The best ID, of course, is a factory letter, but considering that the man out west never told just how many phony Fitz guns he made, and how many counterfeit Colt letters he'd had printed, a wise buyer will get a NEW letter to verify.

So, there are MANY Fitz TYPE Colt's floating around, but very few Genuine guns.

Most of the genuine guns are in collections, so you seldom see a real Fitz model.
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