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I inherited a Colt 1911, circa 1918. From what I can tell, the gun is original with the following exceptions:

1) The gun is nickel plated.

2) It has an arched mainspring housing.

3) The grips are a later (non-diamond) vintage.

Other than those things, all the parts that can be identified as to vintage are correct.

Of course, it's collector's value was greatly reduced because of the nickel plating but it is a beautiful gun and I just think of that as being part of it's history. However, I would like to change some things. I want to replace the grips with the original double diamond style with 15 cuts between the diamonds if possible and I would like to find an original plain flat mainspring housing.

The gun shoots O.K. and the trigger is great. But the barrel, which is also of correct vintage, has very little rifling left and the slide is a bit loose. I would like to tighten things up. There are so many barrel/bushing sets on the market that it can make one's head spin. Can someone recommend a good brand/type to get? Match grade would be great but I don't want to modify the gun so that I can't drop the originals back in.

Also, I would like to get the slop out of the slide. Would someone recommend a good gunsmith that could do this for me?

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