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Here's some of the abbreviations used in our Colt Forum. Feel free to ask about others and/or add to this List.


ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol

BOCFA = Book of Colt Firearms (see TBOCF)

BS = Bankers Special

COBs = Cheap Old Bastards
CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon
Colt Tent = Colt's Patent
CTG = Cartridge

DB = Diamondback
DS = Detective Special

EDC = Every day carry; if you have a concealed carry permit.
EOW = End Of Watch

GC = Gold Cup
GM = Government Model (NOT 1911 or 1911A1)

INS = Inspected

KC = King Cobra
Keyhole = Tumbling or non-stabilized bullets when overly long bullets are fired in rifled barrels that twist rates that are too slow.

MIM = Metal Injection Molding
MSH = Main Spring Housing

NA = New Agent
NIB = New In Box
NRM = New Roll Mark
NS = New Service
NST = New Service Target

OACP = Officer's ACP
OM = Officers Model
OMT = Officers Model Target
OMS = Officers Model Special
OMM = Officers Model Match
OP = Official Police
ORM = Old Roll Mark

PP = Police Positive
PPS = Police Positive Special
PTFA = Patent Firearms

SASS = Single Action Shooting Society, governing body of cowboy action shooting
SM = Shooting Master
Stacking = "Stack" in a Colt revolver is the perceptible increase in weight of the trigger in DA mode about halfway through the DA cycle, until the hammer falls. It's almost a two-stage pull, unlike an S&W, which has a consistent pull throughout the DA cycle. A really good Colt man can remove the stack, giving you a consistent and light pull that is reliable.

TBOCF = The Book of Colt Firearms

VP Stamp on the Trigger guard

WCF = Winchester Center Fire

First Generation, Second Generation, and Third Generation Colts are defined by when they were made. There have been many small engineering changes over the years, but the 3 generations are defined by when they were made, and that can be determined by serial number.

The First Generation of the Single Action Army started in 1873 with SN 1, and continued until 1940 with SN 357,859.

Production of the SAA was halted during WWII. Production resumed in 1956. Since there was a gap in production, collectors define these guns as the Second Generation. 2nd Gen guns have a 'SA' suffix added to the serial numbers, starting with 0001SA in 1956 and continuing through 73,319SA in 1975.

Third Generation Colts started in 1976 and the serial numbers jumped to 80,000SA. This series continued through 1978 with S/N 99,999SA. The SA was changed to a prefix, starting with SA01001 in 1978. This series continued until Colt ran out of numbers again with SA99,999 in 1993. In 1993 they split the S and the A, starting with S02001A. My data runs out in 1999 with S26,999A. This numbering system continues up to today.

One feature of the 3rd Gen guns was changing the cylinder bushing from the traditional removable style to a pressed in style. Just a few years ago, Colt returned to the older removable style. Some folks think this constitutes a 4th Gen. That is incorrect, Colt is still in 3rd Gen Production.

Some of the other small engineering changes that took place over the life span of the SAA have been the shape of the firing pin, the shape of the hand, the shape of the ratchet teeth on the cylinder, width of the sights, and bunches of other things that I can't remember.

Sistema = Manufactured in Argentina from 1927 to around 1960 with Colt-supplied tools, it had parts interchangeable with any other standard government model, unlike the Ballester-Molina which also comes from Argentina. When the Argentine military changed pistols in the late 90s, their Sistemas were arsenal-refinished for sale in the U.S. at $300 or less. Sistema had the usual markings. Along the left side of the slide was a row of letters: “D.G.F.M. (F.M.A.P.).” These stood for Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares (Fabric Militar de Armas Portatiles). On the right side was “SIST. COLT 11.25 mm MOD. 1927.

Turn Line = A circular line mark on the outside towards the rear of a cylinder, usually centered on the notches.


Classifieds Section abbreviations

BTT = Bump (Post) To Top

CONUS = Continental United States

LNIB = Like new in box

NOS = New Old Stock

SPF = Sold Pending Funds

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