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I have a chance to buy a 3-inch Colt Python that was purchased new by an police officer in a nearby Police Department! Although this Python is in new condition(Without even a turn ring)there is no box or papers with this revolver. There are a couple of possible negatives to this gun. First, is that the officer had varnished the original Colt Service grips and secondly, he added a plastic, Pachmayr grip adapter. However, this Python had not been fired yet! Based upon this information, I need some answers to the following questions, in an effort to ascertain a value(Price range)for this gun:

1)How much would not having the original box and papers with this Python as well as having the Pachmayer grip adapter added to this gun and with the factory service grips having been varnished, detract from the value of this Python?

2)Based upon everything said about this 3-inch Python above, what would be the price range that this Python should priced in?

3)Although the gun dealer hasn't set a price on this Python yet, he told me that his price will be from $1,500 up to $1,750? Is this price out of range for this Python?

4)I'm certainly interested in obtaining this Python for a reasonable price-but, by the same token, I don't want to buy this gun-if this pricing is too high, or is out of range for what this Python should be worth? This is why I need you forum members to offer your knowledge and opinions about this? Please comment?

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I currently own three Pythons in 3" (two "regular" Pythons and one "Combat" Python). That doesn't make me an expert but it does give me some personal knowledge on the subject. I'll start off with the standard disclaimer. "A gun is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it". A shooter, a carry gun, and a safe queen are three different guns in my opinion and all three have different prices.

A mint condition regular 3" Python in the original box is worth the $1500.00 - $1750.00 asking price. A "combat" model is worth more in my book but opinions vary. Without the original box or a Colt letter you can't be 100% sure that the gun in question came from the factory that way so it ain't worth that much of MY money. (No offense to the dealer or the cop). The stocks are a $100.00-$150.00 deduct for me. Not sure on the Pachmayr adapter since I'm not familiar with it. If it can be removed without surgery and doesn't harm the finish then it's not an issue with me. If it takes a surgical procedure and/or damages the gun then that's another story.

If the gun will letter and the adapter isn't an issue it's probably worth $1250.00 in my neck of the woods. If it won't letter and the adapter is an issue then the price goes down fast.

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The 3" Python IS rare, but I'd have some issues with this one.

First, it's a used, altered gun, even if it REALLY hasn't been fired.

Second, there is no box and papers which raises a serious concern: IS this a real, factory original 3" Python.

When Colt stopped production of the 3" version, they sold all the left-over 3" barrels to Gun Parts Corporation, who in turn sold them to the public.

MANY, MANY 3" Pythons are NOT factory original, they're guns someone has removed the original barrel from and put a 3" barrel on.
Often, the person doing the re-barrel was NOT any kind of gunsmith, and many of these put-together guns were damaged in the process.
The damage is NOT always readily apparent.

Now, in this case, taking it at face value, and that this IS a genuine Colt Factory 3" Python, without the box, and with alterations, you have to try to come up with a market value.

This is tough, since the price of genuine 3" pythons range from awful high to INSANE.

Whether it's insane enough to warrant $1500 to $1750 is a question strictly for you.

The "going price" for a really nice Python is currently averaging from $850 to $1000.
Whether a 3" is worth an additional $500 to $750 is something only you are going to be able to answer.

The only valid advice I can give is to 100% SURE this is the genuine article, and not a re-barrel job.

The only way to know for certain, is to get a Historical Letter from Colt, which will state the barrel length it was shipped with.

Otherwise, you're going to be trusting someone else's word, and nothing else.
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