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Found a Very Special "Pre-Detective Special"

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Well, I'm finally feeling a bit better and am able to sit upright and join in with you guys again. A great big THANK YOU for all the get well wishes & prayers. Now lets get back to the Colt stuff...

Last week just before I was rushed back to the hospital, I had found a unique Detective Special. This gun is described in Gary Peer's book as the "Pre" or "Transitional" Detective Special. The serial number of the gun falls within the range quoted by Peer. It also has all the features listed as being "correct" for this model: barrel stampings, polished/blued topstrap, plain trigger, and narrow grips. It also has an Archive Letter. With all the health stuff going on lately I have yet to get the gun in my hands, but here are a few pics to wet your whistle:

Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel
Revolver Gun Firearm Cylinder
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Starting pistol
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Congratulations are in order!

I have Colt factory 2" bbl. Police Positive Special, narrow round butt, SN 348953 and matching SN'd box. The Colt letter states it was shipped to the US Govt., Wash D.C. on Feb. 26th, 1931 in a shipment of 577 guns.
The serial number dates the frame to 1928, but the date of sale is 3 years later. It has the smooth top strap, correctly marked barrel, and non checkered trigger as well, so it's definitely a factory 2" Police Positive Special, no matter when it sold.

It went through 2 previous owners from our forum and we had a lively discussion about it about 5-6 years ago. A1A, I know you still read the forum posts. If you can ever find the thread, I'd appreciate you contacting me so I can re-read it.

Maybe I'll post pictures of it in another thread soon, but I don't want to steal your thunder here.

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Yeah, I'd love to review the old thread and see pics of your gun.
I just spent 30 minutes trying to find that thread with no luck. No one was better at finding old threads than A1A.

Mine is the one that has the front sight that was notched for an insert, which is missing. Still a very cool Colt.

Maybe I'll re-post the revolver sometime soon.
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True, but not fair to snakeman99.
It's his show! :)
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Wow, that's great, Erik! Thanks. We had some great posts in that thread from Judge Colt, Cam, etal. At the time, I didn't own the gun.
I can't wait to re-read it.
Actually, I forgot about that thread. The one I was thinking of was an older thread, started by a previous owner. I think Hugh owned it at the time.
Some very informative posts in the earlier thread.

I got a text from the next previous owner this A.M., too. Thanks Tom. I wish you'd post on the forum sometime.

Well, I have to down some coffee and get out and start shoveling. Just me and my ergonomic shovel. I think we have about 14 inches of snow so far and it's still coming down. This is NOT going to be fun.
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Nope. Never found out anything else.
Whatever sight "enhancement" that was affixed is long gone.
All I remember is his first name is Hugh. I don't remember the screen name.
Thanks for checking. The original poster garnered the best posts, IIRC.
I think swamprat might have been the first forum member to post my P.P.S. 2" factory barrel gun. If you look at the Colt ltr. addressee....
Paul, if you follow twait's link to my gun, notice the letter doesn't say Police Positive Special. It says Police Positive, which is completely wrong. I just noticed this.
Because the frame, narrow sq. butt, and barrel markings denote this as a true 2" P.P.S., can I get an updated letter?
I don't think calling this Colt post 10/21/27 Detective Special would be appropriate despite a frame SN from 1928 and a ship date of Feb. 1931 to the U.S Govt.

Thanks also for your help a few years back in helping me with info about the other early 1931 shipments of similar revolvers to US Govt. to Atlanta, Chicago, and Cincinnati
Paul, email with my contact info sent.

I re-read my thread and it was actually Joe Canali who did some extra research for me, sorry!

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