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Found a Very Special "Pre-Detective Special"

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Well, I'm finally feeling a bit better and am able to sit upright and join in with you guys again. A great big THANK YOU for all the get well wishes & prayers. Now lets get back to the Colt stuff...

Last week just before I was rushed back to the hospital, I had found a unique Detective Special. This gun is described in Gary Peer's book as the "Pre" or "Transitional" Detective Special. The serial number of the gun falls within the range quoted by Peer. It also has all the features listed as being "correct" for this model: barrel stampings, polished/blued topstrap, plain trigger, and narrow grips. It also has an Archive Letter. With all the health stuff going on lately I have yet to get the gun in my hands, but here are a few pics to wet your whistle:

Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel
Revolver Gun Firearm Cylinder
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Starting pistol
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The 2" PPS or "Pre-Detective" Specials may just be my favorite of all the Colt snubbies. I would love to have one.
Nice snag that gun looks beautiful!
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I just spent 30 minutes trying to find that thread with no luck. No one was better at finding old threads than A1A.

Mine is the one that has the front sight that was notched for an insert, which is missing. Still a very cool Colt.

Maybe I'll re-post the revolver sometime soon.
Found it Malysh:
Actually, I forgot about that thread. The one I was thinking of was an older thread, started by a previous owner. I think Hugh owned it at the time.
Some very informative posts in the earlier thread.

I got a text from the next previous owner this A.M., too. Thanks Tom. I wish you'd post on the forum sometime.

Well, I have to down some coffee and get out and start shoveling. Just me and my ergonomic shovel. I think we have about 14 inches of snow so far and it's still coming down. This is NOT going to be fun.
Malysh, I remember reading the original post years ago before you bought the gun. What is the coltforum name of the previous owner do you remember?
Its starting to drive me nuts that I can't find that thread either. I thought "Notched front sight" would have brought up a hit but the old thread must never mention the sight by those key words.
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