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I've been toying with the idea of finding a nice older Colt .38 Super ever since I bought a 1903 Hammer in .38 ACP a couple months back. Today at a local shop, I saw a neat older .38 Super complete with an original Colt .22 conversion kit! Wow! Just what I was looking for. OK, I really wanted a pre-war, but this one looks like 1949 or 1950 manufacture.

The serial number is 60,6xx. The finish is far from perfect, but it is very good on the slide (nice bright blue) and very thin (greying) on the front and back of the frame (no rust or pitting). It looks like it has been handled/shot a lot but has been well taken care of. No major issues anywhere on it. It is wearing plastic checkered stocks.

Included with the gun is an original Colt .22 conversion kit, complete with box and instructions! The box is falling apart, but the kit is complete. Unfortunately, the conversion is in worse shape than the pistol as a whole, with very thin blue and some patches completely bare and even a little light pitting. In fact, the .22 unit probably matches the frame condition better than the .38 Super slide (makes sense, really--previous owner shot a LOT of .22s).

So...can anyone give me any detailed info about what I should look at on this combo? Are the plastic stocks correct for a gun of this vintage (like Colt using up stocks of Governement, uh, stocks)? The price is $1100 and I've put down $100 on it. I think this may be a little high due to the condition (an interesting shooter rather than a pure collector), but I'm not really up on collector Colt prices. What do you all think? Did I do good to snatch this combo up? Thanks for any and all thoughts on the matter.

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