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Frank Glenn vs Colt Custom Shop

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I am considering getting a professional action job for bullseye shooting. My end goal is to shoot and compete in the NRA distinguished revolver match. I am aware that Colt is not taking any orders until this fall and that doesn't bother me. I would love to hear from those of you who have pythons that where tuned by these two companies. What I am ultimately looking for is a super smooth and light double action trigger. So what do you guys think who will do a better ultimate action job?
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Colt does, or at least did offer two levels of Python action work.

One was the Service level, which was reliable with any .38 or .357 ammo.
The second was the Target level which was reliable ONLY with .38 Special ammo, and which Colt specifically warned was not to be used with .357 ammos harder primers.

Colt will do a top quality job, but as far as I know won't do major alterations to the action to get a lighter pull.

Glenn is a custom shop so he will most likely offer trigger work that makes permanent mechanical alterations to give a lighter, no -stack pull. Glenn has a reputation for high end action tuning work.

Most of the old Master Colt action tuners are dead and gone, but there are a few who may still be doing work.
One of the most famous was/is Reeves Jungkind who was legendary. Last I heard, he would work on factory new Pythons ONLY.
If he's still in business, this may have changed:

Reeves Jungkind
Phone: 325-247-1151
509 E Granite St
Llano, TX

Another famous Python trigger tuner is Walt Sherman who offers a heavily modified hammer and trigger that has a roller bearing.
This gives a super light, no-stack trigger pull, but is still reliable.

Sherman's Custom Guns
5846 Tea Rose Trail
Tallahassee, FL 32311-7746(850) 878-9563
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Frank Glenn worked on a New Service of mine a few months back. He did a great job on my Colt. Great work, reasonable cost, and fast turnaround time. Frank Glenn is a true old school gunsmith that really cares about his work and understands old style Colt DAs. He should, he has been working on them since 1973. The work he did for me was relatively simple so can't say what his turnaround time would be on other jobs. Give him a call. He is one heck of a nice guy to deal with.
Thanks I do remember reading another thread about Reeves and have forgot about him until you reminded me I will definitely look him and Sherman's Custom Guns up as well. Thanks for the info. Also is there anyone out there like colt75 that has had a action job by Frank Glenn, Reeves Junkind, or Walt Sherman who can attest to their work?
Asking for people to attest to the work done by Jungkind, Sherman, or Glenn is like asking for people to attest to whether Mickey Mantle could hit a ball, or how good a gun designer John Browning was.
Bottom line is, these people are renowned Masters world famous for their Colt trigger work.

They don't need no stinkin' attestin' to their quality of work.....they quite simply are living legends at the very peak of the trade, and no one now living is better.
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Reeves Jungkind worked on two of my Pythons in 2010. dfariswheel said it best ... no need to repeat it.

If it was me, I'd pick Frank Glenn, I know him personally and trust his work. Q
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Thanks P Quig I am leaning towards him appreciate the response.
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