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Sent two of my Pythons off to him for some work last week, received them back this Thursday! In addition to correcting the timing Frank also did an action job on them both.

4" Sts Python: Bought it online and it showed up out of time, and would not even rotate the cylinder by pulling the hammer back. Now it locks up perfect and is smooth like butter. This is my new holster/field gun

4" 1969 blue: Purchased local and it was just starting to show timing issues. Frank corrected that and added an action job to it as well.

The man was super easy to work with, far beat his estimated time for the work to be performed and returned to me, and was just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommmend anyone wishing to have work done to their Colt's not hesitate to send it to him. I was going to send mine to Colt but the wait time stopped me from doing so, and the service and work quality I received from Frank made me glad thet I didn't.
+1 -- Frank Glenn is a real class act. Outstanding work and turn around time. Also, a heck of a great guy to deal with.
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