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Thought I'm make this a separate post:

There's a FREE, simple, effective internet spell checker available.
It's "ieSpell" available from:

It includes a personal library so you can add special words like brand names etc.

Once you download and install the free program, you go to VIEW on your Internet Explorer tool bar.

Click on "Toolbars" then select "Customize".

Use the Customize Toolbar system to select "ieSpell" from the left-hand menu and add it to the right-hand Current toolbars box.

You can use this customizer to add, subtract, or move your tool bar options around.

Best, ieSpell works just about anywhere when you're online with Internet Explorer, and works without a lot of complicated effort.

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I have not downloaded this spell checker. But one thing you did say in another post about "posting" I tried and didn't know... I tried using the email (outlook or whatever) and copied it right into the forum without a hitch.
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