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Believe it or not, even American presidents have had concealed carry guns. Granted, almost every president running has shown some sort of appreciation for firearms.

Jefferson believed a person should take a gun every time they take a walk through the woods. Eisenhower was fond of skeet shooting. Teddy Roosevelt, a soldier and a lifelong hunter, was particularly fond of the Winchester Model 1895; he carried one in Cuba in .30-40 Krag, and boasted of his 1895 in .405 Winchester as "the medicine gun for lions" during his safari of 1909-1910. Even Barack Obama enjoyed rounds of skeet during his stays at Camp David.

But what about their concealed carry guns? As it happens, a few Commanders in Chief were known to be packing during their time in office or at other points in their lives. Here are a few of them.

Continue reading at: The Concealed Carry Guns Of US Presidents - Alien Gear Holsters Blog
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